Proceq Silverschmidt PC type N Rebond Hammer

A large number of measurement points can be easily collected by the instrument and automatically evaluated according to standardized statistical criteria, Automatic conversion to the rquired measurement unit ( Mpa, N/mm2, kg/cm2, psi ) Provided for forming firmware upgrades and selecting statistics presents, provides all of the functionality necessary for rapid assessment of the structure,Pre-Program statistical methods in accordance with all of the major standars assures an error free, rapid determination of the rebound value, Reduced dispersion and direct conversion to compressive strength based on validated curves, regiocanal curves or user defined curves bring improved accuracy to compressive strength estimates.



Hilti Ferroscan System PS-250 Rebar Scanner

Rebar verification and analysis, Checking concrete coverage over large areas for structural repair work, Building acceptance inspections and Coring and hammer drilling without costly rebar hits and avoidance of damage caused by cutting through structural steel.


Makita Chipping Gun HM0810TA Demolition Hammer

Makita Demolition Hammer HM0810TA, the powerful tool to do chiseling into hard rocks and walls.

Perfect combination of power, durability and compact design.